This Time of Year

at our place looks a little bit like this…..

IMG_5197 IMG_5159 IMG_5164 IMG_5174 IMG_5175 IMG_5176 IMG_5183 IMG_5186 IMG_5193 IMG_5195 IMG_5200 IMG_5203

  • Counting down to Christmas
  • The brilliant blue skies of summer
  • Hydrangeas in bloom everywhere
  • Roses that make me smile every time I look at them
  • Plums ripening almost faster than we can pick or eat them
  • Tomatoes popping up all over the place, growing fat and juicy
  • Advent calenders almost completed
  • Sparkly Christmas decorations a constant reminder of that ‘time of year’

What a fabulous time of year. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I truly hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season with much relaxing, lots of love and buckets of laughter.


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