Keeping Calm

IMG_5143Christmas is exactly one week away and at a time when stress levels often reach an all-time high I am consciously trying to slow down and relax.

IMG_5145School holidays are upon us so there are easy starts to our days, lingering breakfasts and time spent in PJ’s until at least mid-morning.


The presents are wrapped and under the tree. The Christmas dinner menu has been decided upon and the pork belly ordered.

IMG_5149We have some parties to enjoy between now and the big day – one hosted and two to attend plus there are still jobs to go to and consequently days to work.

IMG_5152But it’s a very nice feeling, not being stressed.

We’ve been enjoying the first plums off one of our plum trees, spending lazy afternoons knitting or reading on the verandah and playing lots of scrabble in the evenings.

IMG_5148I’m hopeful this slowing down and relaxing will continue through Christmas and well into the New Year. It takes a bit of thinking about – to be unhurried, slower, more mindful – but it’s worth it. Every single minute.

IMG_5144How are your Christmas preparations coming along?

I hope you are not too stressed or busy and able to enjoy all the happiness and festivities that the season brings.

keep calm 3

3 thoughts on “Keeping Calm

  1. Not so much…we have school for another 3 days…..then I have some shopping to do, tree to put up…..but I’m not one to stress about it…if it gets done, it gets done..if not..well then..oh, well…..

  2. Love the photos of your plums. Sigh. So beautiful. We’re slowly getting there here as well. Just one more bit of shopping to do. The ham is ordered, and we’ll finish the food shopping tomorrow. There’s also a birthday party to sort out before Christmas as well… ah well.

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