Sock Club

IMG_5088There is a local knitting group near where I live that I go to whenever I can. It’s hosted by my friend James and called The Friday Night Sock Club. Work commitments force my attendance there to be somewhat sporadic but I go when I can and I love it.

IMG_5090Knitters are an amazing group of people and I’m often struck by how diverse our lives and situations seem to be yet we are brought together (all over the world) by the simple art of creating. It’s a community that I feel very blessed to be a part of.

IMG_5092Sock Club is always fun and James is the quintessential host. There are interesting teas (made in a proper teapot) served on gorgeous vintage crockery, yummy things to eat and always, always lots of chatter and laughing.

IMG_5086As a group the Sock Club knitters have made many friendship quilts. It’s an idea started by James where the recipient names the colours they would like their quilt to be made in and the group all knit a square or two which then gets sewn together to make a quilt/blanket/throw. The latest quilt was deemed a ‘mystery quilt’ with a request from James for squares done in reds and purples.

IMG_5096Can you guess who the recipient was?


I couldn’t believe it. I’d been at James house a few weeks before and the quilt was out while he worked on the edging and I remember admiring it and thinking how sumptuous it looked.

IMG_5111I was so touched and thrilled with the final result. It’s truly gorgeous and I’ve draped it over my bed despite the fact that it’s 28C (82F) degrees here today.

2013-12-15Thank you lovely sock club people! You’re a very special bunch!!


5 thoughts on “Sock Club

  1. The quilt is gorgeous, I don’t know which is more special the knitting or the friendship from the sock club you are in a win win situation, the perfect antidote to a busy life :-D

  2. I was wondering if you had received your blanket yet, James showed it to me when I dropped off the Christmas treats 😀 such a lovely thing to be given and to be treasured.

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