Counting Down

It’s finally December.

IMG_5007Down here, in the southern hemisphere that means it’s the first (and very welcome) day of summer but in this and many households all over the world, it also marks the beginning of all things Christmassy!

Yesterday we spent the day decorating our indoor tree, hanging advent calendars and sorting through wrapping paper, cards, ribbons etc in preparation for the presents.

IMG_4987Our Christmas tree is artificial (due to allergies) so this year has been dubbed our indoor tree and we have bought a little pine that is growing in a pot and though yet to be decorated, has been placed right by the front door. That’s our outdoor tree which we will plant once all the festivities are over.

IMG_4996I love this time of year.

I love the slightly chaotic build-up to Christmas, the organising of presents, Christmas parties, end-of-school activities and the promise of all those long, hot days still to come.

IMG_5001The summer school holidays start next week and despite there being so much to do, our days will automatically slow down just a bit. Gentle starts in the morning, afternoons spent reading and crafting on the verandah, swims in the river and lovely summer food are what I am most looking forward to. 

IMG_5000However, in this house, the Christmas build-up wouldn’t be complete without some frantic gift-knitting so last night I cast on a sock for my Dad.

IMG_5004He’s my secret santa recipient this year and loves hand-knitted socks so it’s a no-brainer really. 

IMG_4992What about you? 

Is it summer or winter at your place?

What’s your lead up to Christmas like? 

Are you enjoying some Christmas knitting?

Me? Well, I’m off to knit a sock…..


2 thoughts on “Counting Down

  1. I can’t imagine Christmas in the summer..I happen to live in the Northeast part of the US…so cold temps and snow are our standard for Christmas….so far we have only had a couple days of flurries…the first big snowfall is always a treat….and since I’m a teacher, if it happens on a school day..a day off from school…’s always such fun…..your dad is lucky…I’d love someone to knit me socks…

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