Kate’s Garden

They had been studying plants and seeds at school and there were hours spent creating and working on a honeybee project. As a class they are growing beans from seed in crumpled, moist tissue paper and plotting it’s progress.

She asked if she could have her own garden. All her own – to be looked after and cared for only by her. She wanted to choose what went into the garden and already had a list in her head of what she’d like to grow.

Of course I said yes.

IMG_4925A large old tin stock trough was deemed the perfect place. Completely overgrown with weeds, she was undaunted and toiled away one afternoon clearing out the weeds and filling it back up with a lovely rich soil and compost mix in preparation for the planting.

IMG_4926I was almost a little surprised (but obviously shouldn’t have been) that she knew exactly what she wanted to plant.

IMG_4929 IMG_4927 IMG_4930Radishes, tomatoes, cucumber and carrots were top priority and we added capsicums – orange and red to complete the list.

IMG_4931She’s been diligent about watering the seedlings and ecstatic about the little green shoots bursting forth through the soil. It’s exciting to watch her delight and I can’t help but share her enthusiasm. 

I hope this experience gives her enough pleasure so that she wants to go on planting and growing.

I hope she really does learn to love the dirt under her fingernails and the rich, earthy smell of soil, the thrill of watching something grow and the joy of tasting utterly fresh produce straight from your own garden.

I hope she loves it enough that she becomes a gardener for life.

After all, what could be better than that?

2 thoughts on “Kate’s Garden

  1. Wowww….Interesting. I wish everyone understands the importance of having organic food and promote organizations like purna organics who put their entire effort to promote organic food and help people set up an organic garden at their terrace where they can grow almost every vegetable used in their daily diet.

  2. Good on you both, and the school. She seems to have green fingers those plants look very healthy. By the way does she knit too? I have been remiss not teaching my daughter or my son. They wear my knitting though.

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